My mother needed the retaining wall and drain on her driveway fixed properly as it had some bad touch up jobs done over the years. The cement on the drain area had crumbled and pieces were blocking the drain pipes. Rock landscaping tore everything out and designed drainage from both sides of the driveway. They found an old retaining wall in the middle of the lawn that was blocking the flow of water. They made sure the weeping tiles were clear of debris on both sides of the house. They built a cement pad around the drain and built the retaining wall and built an interlocking brick driveway. Everything was cleaned up and the flower beds were put back in order and lawn seeded. It turned out fabulous and my mother will NEVER have to worry when it rains.

They did such a great job that this year we hired them again to level the back yard. It had a vegetable garden at one time and the grass area was very uneven. The yard is not big but the only access is the sidewalk from the front so everything had to be brought in using that access. They took out the grass and weeds that were there, brought in fresh soil, levelled the yard and seeded it with grass seed. Again they did a fabulous job and my mother will be able to walk around safely once the grass comes in thick enough to walk on. I can’t sing enough praises for how this company goes above and beyond.

Tammy Lamb